Thursday, July 16, 2009


james and i started a budget a couple of weeks ago. we have two mortgages right now because of my house in kansas city, so we have to limit ourselves in some other areas. ive been amazed how God has blessed us since we started the budget and how easy it has been to find fun things to do, inexpensive ways to eat amazing food at home, and even overnight trips where we are offered places to stay with friends.

one of the things that has surprised me most is how far my spending money goes when i know how much i have for the month- and what i choose to spend it on. i was sitting at the table, looking at the $5 flowers that i divided up and put all over the house and i realized that they were the best thing i could have bought with $5. a luxury item in the same catagory as diamonds- a wonder of nature.


  1. A budget can give more peace. I'm sorry your house hasn't sold. "Don't cut flowers from the budget, during a difficult time, because they give so much." paraphrased from a financial advisor
    Cut the stems at an angle and add a little aspirin to the water to last longer.

  2. That vase is beautiful! I recognize the pattern matching your dishes.

  3. I love having fresh flowers around the house too. Makes every room seem happier. Have you seen It has great budgeting tools (like pie graphs and alerts if you overspend) which have been hugely helpful for us. It's a free site and has been recommended by solid financial mags. Just FYI. :)