Wednesday, July 15, 2009

master bedroom

i have to count this bed as a project in and of itself... because it takes 5 minutes to make, everyday! not to mention the time i spend trying to find my husband after he tries to lean against the mound of pillows. (what was that i said about "simple things" again?)

the walls in the master bedroom are warm and cozy now- the color is called cracker bitz (yeah, with a z??) we get a discount on pittsburg paint because of james job at PPG. yay. so i painted the bathroom too. then i repainted the trim as well, in colonial white. james says that our bedroom feels like barnes and noble. its true! it makes you want to cuddle and read.

our bedroom is nice now, even if it IS slightly higher maintenance. this is what it looked like before!

dont worry, james still has a music room, its just not the master bedroom anymore!

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