Thursday, July 16, 2009

peach season!

its peach season, or so they tell me. living in the south is fun because traditions surrounding food are extremely important: when something like a peach is in season there are festivals, when something like a crawfish is in season there are festivals, and the list goes on.

my peaches were getting overripe so i had to do something with them yesterday. these muffins were great. they're all cinnamon and peach chunks. they were so good, i said something outloud after i took a bite. (i think i may have even swore. haha. but i was home alone, so it was ok, right?) heres the recipe. add 1/4 of milk and only bake for 20 minutes if you want them to be really moist and yummy. someone suggested that, and i was glad i did. i love that website.

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  1. Did you really right this at 6:24 AM?
    You're so amazing!