Wednesday, July 15, 2009


while we were on our honeymoon, i tried my first praline in the french quarter of new orleans. i never even knew WHAT they were before that. i just assumed that a praline was a sort of nut, that they put in the ice cream that my dad bought when we were kids. apparently they are a southern tradition, and i got this recipe out of a cajun cookbook from ms trudy. it was so fun to watch the goo bubbling around in the pot, and to try to make the "soft ball" after throwing a blob in a cup of water- that was the cajun cookbook's way to determine that they were ready to take off the heat.

some turned out a little lumpy because i didnt know how fast i had to work, while throwing them onto the parchment paper, but this one looked just like the one i had in new orleans! i sent them to a men's bbq that james went to that night.

mmmm... another great use for my husband's huge bag of pecans.