Thursday, July 16, 2009


pie made from spinach- a traditional greek snack!

it was fun to see what two pounds of spinach looked like raw, then imagine trying to fit it into that little pan that the recipe called for. impossible!! or so i thought- but i actually fit all that, PLUS an entire onion, half a cup of parsley, a whole bundle of green onions AND eggs, feta and cottage cheese into the little 7x11 pan. (i used cottage cheese instead of ricotta, to save some money- it was indetectable)

heres the recipe, but if you make it, make sure that you *squeeze the extra moisture* out of it before putting it into the pan AND use 8 sheets of phyllo on top and 8 on bottom. i followed one of the other user's comments and i was glad i did.

its fun to make recipes from different parts of the world because in lake charles we have a limited number of ethnic restaurants. i'm hardly noticing though- i'm having so much fun cooking.


  1. This girl's not afraid of anything!

  2. i LOVEEE greek food. especially spanikopita. I actually wanted my class to make it this past spring when we were studying international foods, but there wasn't enough time! btw, Cedars (new greek restaurant) on Ryan street is apparently really delicious!