Thursday, July 16, 2009

thai chicken soup

sunday nights james and i like to just eat soup because we had a big potluck lunch at church earlier that day. usually it comes from a can (which is surprisingly good- if you buy the right brand and you have a homemade loaf of bread, mmmm) but this time we felt creative.

above you see james starting to prepare the coconut. we needed shredded, creamed coconut and we couldnt find any so we tried to make our own. below, i'm attempting to "cream" it.

all the ingredients in thai food are so fun. behind my arm you can see: lime juice, cayenne pepper, peanut butter, tons of tumeric (as you can see), and even shredded coconut toasted with the oil of a really hot chili pepper, for garnish.

you should only make this soup if you are married and you are with your husband... because you get all warm from the spicey-spices and it gives you an irresistable urge to grab the person next to you and do things to them. james decided that this was a repeat-worthy recipe. :)


  1. I'm getting hungry, but I won't make it until Dad's home...thank James for taking your picture.

  2. So James must sit at the head of the table??

  3. aw, yeah. i asked him to when we had our first meal at home :) he's sweet.