Wednesday, July 15, 2009

world ufo day party

james requested a red velvet cake that looked like an alien, giving you the impression of an alien autopsy. i was game, id never made a red velvet cake before.

i had NO idea that there are TWO BOTTLES of red food coloring in a red velvet. being the really sloppy cook that i am, this required me to be extra careful with my hand mixer. nevertheless, i still ended up with speckles of red all over the kitchen and yes, it gave the impression of an alien autopsy table.

even weirder than the blood red icing, was the fact that right before you bake it, you throw in baking soda and vinegar! talk about a science experiment.

the traditional redvelvet cake icing in the BH&G cookbook was extra fluffy, so it was a little hard to decorate with, but james seemed happy with the result.

personally, i thought the cake tasted horrible, so i was glad that it had it's kitschy appearance to pull it through! over mixing= dense. but hey, it was my first cake ever. a very nontraditional, traditional cake.

i made leek tarts (upper middle) which was flavored with dijon mustard and peppers and walnuts, and spinach phyllo triangles with feta. (right) all three things were from the BH&G cookbook that my mom gave me at my wedding shower. she assured me that it was the best, basic cookbook (and i agree, because ive used it over and over already) but these tasted anything but basic. yum! thanks mom.

(i didnt make the cute cake at the bottom.)

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  1. Your alien cake was amazing! Your gift of art is really showing. I think your version of the cookbook is much more up-to-date. Mine never had leek tarts...