Thursday, April 22, 2010

my re-fashioned 80's & 90's dresses!

check out what happens when you just make a few alterations to those dumpy old rayon and cotton dresses from the salvation army!

poor ugly dresses:

...happy new dresses:

i loved the puff-sleeves and elastic waistband on this green one, so all that changed was the skirt length.

the high collar and long sleeves were hot and dumpy, so now its a blue sundress!

the taupe 80s dress turned out a little shorter than i'd wanted, but it looks super with tights. i have to admit, i feel pretty darn cool in this one. yup.

the classic teacher jumper gets a new life! chop!

this floral is my favorite one, i loved the lace collar, waist ruffle, and matching belt, but the shoulder pads and sleeves had to GO! also the skirt is slightly shorter. i'm so happy with it!

Monday, April 19, 2010

herb baskets

i was totally clueless about where to plant herbs (i knew they needed full sun, but i was thinking "really? do they actually mean full LOUISIANA sun?) so i decided to just put them in baskets so i could move them around to wherever they needed to live. 'sides, they're cute that way.

here's how i did it:

1. cheap baskets from walmart.
2. thick black trashbags
3. staple a bag around rim of basket
4. add bark for drainage, then dirt (no idea if this works, just thought i'd try)
5. plant seedlings