Saturday, July 24, 2010

I did it!

I have decided that there is something magical about stickers. After one week of this chart, I was so sure i was going to complete it that I was more excited than I even was last night after the 2,000th push-up. I KNEW I would finish because it would have broken my heart to see a big, gaping hole anywhere in the midst of that glittery wall of stickers! Don't ask me why, but if it had been check-marks, it wouldn't have happened. Stickers are the key! I KNEW I had found the ultimate way to complete a goal! (oh, or maybe potty-training-moms had already figured that out, but whatever)

I've already started other goal lists because, no matter how cheesy it sounds, I need to focus on what I have successfully completed. All I ever notice are the things I didn't do, books I haven't finished or projects I've abandoned and it gets me down! Now for the really cheesy part- when I finish a chart I don't think I'll throw it away, I think I'll make a binder called "Nina is totally awesome!!" yup.

If you are considering making a goal chart for yourself here are some tips!

  1. Hang the chart somewhere where you can NOT avoid looking at it at the end of the day. (I hung mine by my toothbrush) This way, you won't forget about it, either accidentally or intentionally!
  2. Make the goal measureable. In my experience it was comepletely pointless to say "I will lose 1 pound per week". Something more along the lines of "I will not eat a cookie today" would be better. It needs to be something that, at the end of the day, you are sure you actually did.
  3. Use stickers. Why? because they are more fun. If you can get glittery, puffy, flocked or metallic- even better. Check-marks and X's are just lame.
  4. Make sure you talk to your husband (or mom or best friend) about how awesome you are doing, all the time.
  5. Don't restrain your cheesy side. I want to deny it, but written "motivational" gimmicks really do actually motivate you... so "go for it!!" & "great job!"

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