Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i wonder... if i wrote a list of everything that i think i like, would i really just have a list of all the things that i TELL myself i should like? i mean seriously- does everyone in the world like live local bands, wine, organic gardening and modern art? or should we just admit that we like things like coloring books, woman's world magazine and popping zits?

maybe i'm afraid that people would think i'm boring, or worse yet, that i would think that i'm boring.
but wouldn't the best kind of happiness and self-esteem come from knowing that you are genuine?
my struggle isn't about trying to restrain myself when i want to do something out of the ordinary, it's about constantly trying to become less ordinary. maybe a lot of other people do this, too.

i just read that you should try to remember the things that you liked to do when you were a child, because it's likely that you still enjoy those types of things. i've been trying to remember the things that i liked:

  • drawing maps of imaginary places, especially parks
  • reading books that aren't especially thought provoking (just entertaining)
  • organizing my books
  • rearranging my room
  • watching public television, especially educational programs
  • dreaming about decorating (pulling pictures from catalogs and drawing floor-plans
  • bike-riding with a friend
  • playing computer games, especially sim-city
  • building cities with my playmobil and legos
  • slumberparties
  • planning family vacations, day by day
as i'm writing this list i'm actually getting instantly happier! obviously the adult equivalent of these things would be slightly different. even with that prospect, it would be worth trying!

one thing that just popped into my head that ive been sheepishly wanting to do lately is make a diorama. now i can see why- half of the things on my kid-list are about planning imaginary places! i'm totally going to make a diorama for the museum. nothing can stop me now!

oddly enough, my great fear of being quirk-less and generic doesn't seem like its going to be a problem, after all. the only thing i'm worried about now is toning it down a bit!

haha. i'm glad i wrote this all down! i'm building a diorama this weekend- live local bands can go to...


  1. Yes! Someone told me once that whatever you liked doing when you were between the ages of 8-10 was what you would want to do as an adult. Well, guess what I was doing then? Dressing up in weird clothes that I sewed with my grandma. Hmmmm... sound familiar? I also loved drawing maps of imaginary places. This is why I can't wait until Galena is five, because I'm going to want to do all the kid stuff with her all over again. Great post.

  2. If I'd thought hard and long enough, I could have made that list for you!!